You can make Cracovia's Fan Card in two ways: in our Ticket Office next to the stadium, or on our website. To make Fan Card stationary, just go to Ticket Office number 1 located on Józefa Kałuży 1 street. All you need to be registered in our system, and to get your Fan Card, is your ID with your picture or Passport.

Now Fan Card can also be made on the internet! After registering on our website, you will be able to order your Fan Card on-line. After making an online payment, Your Fan Card will be waiting for you to collect in Ticket Office next to our stadium on Józefa Kałuży 1 street. Remember, to bring your ID or Passport with you, in case of verification!

Fan Card gives you many benefits, and makes entrance on Cracovia match much easier! By making Fan Card, you are able to buy pass on Cracovia matches. Our passes are the most cos-efficient option and saves a lot of money from the perspective of the whole season. Although, even single tickets are cheeper with Fan Card!

Don't hesitate and make a Fan Card today!

IMPORTANT: We would like to inform, that on match day, you can buy Fan Card only up to 1 hour before kick-off!

Decision was made to improve comfort realted with extended waiting time for the Fan Card.

Fan Card is necesarry to buy all season/half season pass on Cracovia matches - in our Selling Points and also on our website.

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